Baker's Flame - the Bakery Innovators

Baker's Flame is my Startup, through which I intend to express my passion for bakery and patisserie and bring the best of the world to the Indian Market. We as a team love to innovate and attempt new recipes which excite us and enable us to raise our threshold.

At Baker's Flame we ensure use of the best ingredients available

in the market to ensure quality along with value for money.

We believe in an experiment a day to keep coming up with new products, catering to the Indian pallet. We love to learn and share ideas and therefore initiated this blog.

Tried out a low-cal gluten free combination of caramel, coffee, ground walnut and sponge for an entremet. With preparation time of only 30 minutes, this dish can be an excellent ornate dessert for your get-togethers. Give it a finish with chocolate glaze in your favorite colors and make it a show stopper! For ease one can use a ready-made cake sponge.

For a celestial theme we used shades of blue and white in combination with fuchsia.

This simple dessert turned out to be the highlight of the party, with exquisite presentation, healthy and delectable taste.

Incase this excites and you are interested in the recipe drop us a mail at and we shall be more than happy to share the recipe and some smart tips for adding that oomph to desserts!

Keep following us for more of such bakery-innovates!

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