Gluten Free Cake

Consumption of Gluten is to be avoided by people who suffer from Celiac disease, are sensitive to gluten or have gluten intolerance. However, over the years non-consumption of Gluten is now considered as healthy and attributes to change of lifestyle.

Gluten is one of the proteins’ found in the endosperm of the wheat plant. It has a lot of benefits like it provides elasticity to a dough which is very important especially while making bread/ pizza base. Can you imagine a non-Stretchy pizza dough?

Gluten free cake is not only the perfect dish for people who need to avoid it due to medical reasons but also for people who want to lose weight.

Today we will learn how to make a healthy version of a Gluten free cake - No chocolate or Flour Re-placer used, instead it is made with gluten free flour which is prepared with a combination of freshly milled Soy, Maize and Jowar. I'll post a recipe with gluten free flour replacer as well!

As already brought out, intake of Gluten is a problem for people suffering from celiac disease, Gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. For people having celiac disease Gluten triggers an immune response that damages the GI tract.

In addition to elasticity, gluten forms a n